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Since 2003, Kingxoul Machinery Factory has been serving the industrial of wire processing and manufacturing field by supplying the Cost-effective wire stripping machine, wire crimping machine, terminal crimping machine, cable cutting machine, heavy duty machine, coaxial stripping machine, designed to increase production efficiency in electronics wiring harness processing and assembly field.

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We are the original manufacturer of wire harness processing industry, manufacturing and supplying various wire processing machines and equipment, such as fully automatic terminal crimping machines, wire stripping machines, cable cutting machines, wire crimping machines, for their high quality and high performance. And widely served in various industries.
In addition, we offer a range of custom products to meet your specific processing requirements.
The following is a detailed description of each of our products:

JX-A616 single end automatic terminal crimping machine

Single End Terminal Crimping Machine

Can processing wire cut and strip

Classic wire crimping machine, crimp to crimp, both ends automatic terminal crimping machine

Both ends Wire Crimping Machine

Can processing wire cut and strip

Coaxial cable stripping machine

Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Coax Strip

tube cutting machine, wire cutter

Heat shrink tube Cutting Machine

Heat shrink tube, wire cut

Thermal wire stripping machine

Thermal Wire Stripper & Crimper

Thermal wire stripping and crimping machine

Pneumatic Stripping Machine

Pneumatic Stripping Machine

Multi core wire, Ribbon cable cut and strip

insulated terminal crimping machine

Insulated Terminal Crimping Machine

Single end Insulated Terminal Crimp

seal insert and terminal crimping machine

Seal Insert & Terminal Crimp Machine

seal insertion, terminal crimping

Affordable, Reliable, Economical, and Precise Wire Stripping and Crimping Machines

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Reduce Labor Cost and Increase Production Efficiency.

What We Do

We design and build standard wire harness processing machines and custom stripper and crimper machinery.

Research & Design

Research & Design New Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine

Stripping crimping machine research and design

Building & Manufacturing

Building Wire Processing Machine and Equipment

Wire Processing Machine Manufacturing


Redesign and Manufacturing By Your Requirement


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Industrial Wire Processing News

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