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KINGXOUL is China’s leading manufacturer of automatic wire stripping and crimping machine in wire processing marketplace, we provide various types of wire stripping machine and terminal crimping machine, such as wire cutting and stripping machine, cable stripping machine, automatic wire crimping machine, wire twisting tinning machine, coaxial cable stripper, thermal wire stripping machine, seal inserting, winding and marking machine, etc.

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KINGXOUL is China’s leading manufacturer of wire stripping and crimping machine, our semi- and automatic machines are designed to cut, strip, crimp and mark all types of wire and cable, such as battery cable, copper speaker wire, ribbon and coaxial cables

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KINGXOUL Machinery

 What types of wire processing machines can you buy here from Kingxoul ?

Our company Kingxoul, based in China, designs & manufactures machinery for the wire processing industry, (like Industrial Electronics and Appliances, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Automotive and Railway and Transportation, medical, Aerospace and Defense).
We manufacture a wide range of machinery, the list is as follows::

  • Automatic wire stripping machine / cable stripping machine
  • Cable cutting machine / Tube cutting machine
  • Wire crimping machine / Terminal crimping machine
  • Wire twisting machine
  • Cable labeling machine
  • Tape winding machine
  • Wire tinning machine
  • Thermal wire stripping machine
  • Seal inserting & Crimping Machine
  • Heat Shrink Tube Insertion Wire Terminal Crimping Machine


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