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Automatic Face Mask Machine Make Mask Production Easy!
Produce Masks Yourself & Locally!


Full automatic face mask machine, the other is known as a fully automatic mask production line, used for mass production of various disposable masks, medical masks, or surgical masks, N95 masks, cup masks, masks with valves and so on.
The types of mask production machines are: disposable mask machine, medical mask machine, surgical mask machine, N95 mask machine, cup mask machine, valve mask machine, etc.
The automatic mask machine has a high degree of automation, no sewing, fully automatic ultrasonic, less labor and simple debugging. From raw materials, cutting, forming, welding tape, etc., all processing is completed together.
Help You Make Mask Production Easy & Locally.

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How to Choose the Suitable Face Mask Making Machine?

Face Mask Style Images Style Name Recommend Machine
flat face mask Disposable Face Mask

Surgical Face Mask

Medical Face Mask

Children face mask Children face mask

Surgical Face Mask

Medical Face Mask

N95 Face Mask Foldable without Valve N95 Face Mask Foldable without Valve JX-9501
N95 Face Mask Foldable with Valve Foldable N95 Face Mask with Valve JX-9502
Cup Mask without Valve Cup Mask without Valve JX-95CP01
cup mask with valve N95 Cup mask with valve JX-CP02
Flat Face Mask JX-FM01