How to Use a Wire Stripping Machine

A Wire Stripping Machine is a machine used to remove insulation from an electrical wire / coaxial cables and some wiring in order to find the clean metal core for efficient recycling value. There are different kinds of Wire Stripping Machines; there are manual wire stripping machines and automatic wire stripping machines.

These machines differ in size and function. There are those small wire-stripping machines mostly used in doing simple work at home and small business, and there are those big wire string machines used in industries in performing heavy-duty casing removed. It depends on the model when it comes to how to use these machines.

How to Use a Wire Stripping Machine of Different Kinds

inside and outside of cable strip step by step

inside and outside of cable strip step by step


Manual Wire Stripping Machines

A manual wire stripper has a pair of opposing blades like a scissor. Rotating the stripper around the wire insulator without cutting the wire is the proper way to use this type of a stripper. While rotating the stripper, one applies pressure in order to cut round the insulator because the insulator does not always bond to the wire. After cutting the insulator gently, pull it off the end. It then pulls easily from the end. This machine is the most versatile type of wire stripper.


Automatic Wire Stripping Machines

When dealing with an automatic wire stripper, stripping the wire will be much easier. It is easier because the stripper grips the wire one end and at the same time cuts of the insulation on the other end. One just needs to place the wire in between the jaws and careful squeeze the handle. This device can be used by anybody, whether with skills or not, but the setback is that this kind of wire stripping machine is that it only operate well on the wires of a certain size range. The wire may not fit in the jaws if the machine does it.

Thermal Wire Stripping Machines

This type of wire stripping machines involves the use of flame to stripe insulators from wires. The insulator burns and melts away. This method the hottest tip of a flame heats the insulator. The stripping machines have an adjustable gauging that helps deal with every type of wire sizes.

When dealing with all this brand of wire, string machine you should always make sure you follow the right process to prevent accidents and injuries while working. Make sure you go through the user manual guides before you start to use the machine. Finally yet importantly, avoid using machines while under the influence of alcohol. These machines are dangerous, and they can cause serious injury if you use them while intoxicated. Only professionals or those highly experienced with these types of machines should use it or come near them while in use.