Project Description

  • automatic teflon wire stripping machine
  • automatic teflon wire cutting stripping machine

Automatic teflon wire stripping machine

Model: JX-515C
Brand: KingXoul
Function: Cut;

Teflon wire cutting stripping machine

JX-515C Teflon wire cutting stripping machine, with two sided processing function of pvc or teflon wire cutting and stripping.

The compact body provides an optimum speed for mass production and ensures a high level of productivity.
A very high performance even in a small-scale production of many diversified of wires.
JX-515C Suited for under 6 square of electric wire all cutting, skinning, for single strand wire max 1mm²

PVC teflon wire stripping machine

PVC teflon wire stripping machine

Some details about this machine, processing pvc and teflon wire, maximum square 6mm² Of Cutting Stripping

PVC Wire Stripping Machine Details

automatic pvc teflon wire stripping machine details

Teflon wire stripping Machine Capability:
1. Pvc wire cutting,
4. Teflon wire stripping

Automatic wire cutting stripping Machine working video:

Model No.: JX-515C
Name: Automatic teflon wire cutting stripping machine
Power Required: AC220V/50HZ
Function: PVC wire cutting,  Teflon wire stripping
Production Capacity: High Speed
Applicable cable range: 0.1-6mm² multi strands soft wire / 0.1- 1mm² single strand hard wire
Cutting range: 0.1-9999mm
Stripping length: 1.5-10mm
Conduit diameter: 1-6mm
Detective Device: cable absence, air pressure, cable knotting or blocking Machine
Size: L418mm*W358mm*H308mm
Net Weight: 35 KG
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