Project Description

  • wire winding and tying machine

JX-RT-81M wire winding and tying machine

Model: JX-RT-81M
Brand: KingXoul
Function: Cable Tying;
Tape Winding;
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JX-RT-81M wire winding and tying machine

KINGXOUL wire winding and tying machine, Help Your Business Reduce Labor Cost and Increase Production Efficiency. Create More Value For You!

Other wire processing capabilities can be customized by your requirements.
In addition, cutting, stripping, double crimp, seal loading, sleeve insertion, ferrule crimping, strand twisting and tinning can be processed efficiently. Various types of wire stripping machine and terminal crimping machine can meet your requirements and contribute to a high level of productivity.

Wire or cable winding and tying machine

Single End Seal Insertion and Terminal Crimping Machine processing features:
1. Winding and tying;
2. Applicable to USB/DC/AC cable, with wires at both ends and one end aligned;
3. The wound motor adopts 1000W servo, which is full of power and more stable;
4, the translation motor mixes 850W servo, the translation is more stable;
5, cable tie bearing capacity up to 2.5KG,
6, the production capacity of 1800 / hour, improve efficiency;
7, small size, simple operation, easy to debug, easy to maintain;
8, programmable controller (PLC) control, Chinese and English dual version
man-machine interface control;

Single End Seal Insertion and Terminal Crimping Machine working video:

Model No.: JX-RT-81M
Name: Wire Winding and Tying Machine
Power Required: AC220V/50HZ
Function: Wire Winding and Tying
Production Capacity: 1800pcs/hour (Length: 1000mm Around three circles)
Each Single Circle: 70-200mm
Remain length: Front: 0-130mm / Rear: >0mm
Wire/Cable Max length: < 6.0m
Wire/Cable Diameter: < Φ6.2mm
Air Required: 0.55-0.65 MPa , MUST BE dry and clean air
Size: 850*630*1480mm
Net Weight: 130KG
Main Featured:
xx model 1 xx model 2 xx model 3
Cutting to length:
Full stripping:
Half stripping:
Multi-step stripping:
Center stripping /
Intermediate slitting:
Multi-conductor cable processing:
Core processing:
Double sheath cable processing:
Flat cable processing:
Cutting pulled strands /
Precision cut:
Hot stamp marking:
Inkjet marking:
Coiling / Binding
Sequence processing
Wire feed (Roller/Belt)
Wire deposit system
Pulling / Dereeling prefeeder
Batch separation
Twisting / Tinning
Seal insertion
Split cycle for closed barrels
Double crimping
Sleeve insertion
Double sheath / Coaxial
and triaxial cables
Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping