Project Description

Multi core pneumatic wire stripper

Model: JX-P3F
Brand: KingXoul
Function: Ribbon Cable Strip;
multi-core Wire Strip;
Price ;
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Pneumatic wire stripping machine

inner wires of multi-core cables stripper

JX-A711FS pneumatic wire cable stripping machine, with single end stripping, such as single-conductor wires, inner wires of multi-core cables and ribbon cables. It is designed for wires that are used in the automotive and industrial sectors in wiring harness processing and assembly field.

Other wire processing capabilities can be customized by your requirements.
In addition, cutting, stripping, double crimp, seal loading, sleeve insertion, ferrule crimping, strand twisting and tinning can be processed efficiently. Various types of wire stripping machine and terminal crimping machine can meet your requirements and contribute to a high level of productivity.

Pneumatic wire stripping machine Capability:

Cable / Wire Stripping

Pneumatic wire stripping machine processing features:

1.Mainly used for stripping sheathed stranded wire and single core wire ;
2.Exquisite design , compact structure and easy operation;
3.The function of synchronously stripping multi-wire which can increase the productivity and also the product quality.

Pneumatic wire / ribbon cable stripping machine working video:

Model No.: JX-P3F
Name: Pneumatic Stripper, Multi Core Cable Stripping Machine
Power Required: AC110V/220V 50/60Hz
Function: Multicore wire semi-automatic stripping,
Applicable cable range: 0.1-0.75 mm²(AWG28#-AWG18#)
Stripping length: 20mm
Air Required: 5 – 7 Kg (0.5-0.7MPa), need dry and clean air
Size: 260*150*270mm
Net Weight: 9.5kg
Main Featured:

1.Widely used in the electronics industry, electrical appliances, motor, lamps, toys, and other various products of wire processing.

2. Optimal stripped wire PVC/teflon/silica gel line /Glass fiber, etc.

3. Our machine is widely used in wire stripping, peeling ,

4. Special for cable wire cutting ,electric wire cut , and copper wire cutting . Short-thin wirestripping ,thick wire stripping, interspace stripping,long stripping, shield wire stripping, coaxial cable stripping Double-covered wire stripping, Flat cable stripping.

Multicore Cable processing machines

Wire Processing Samples Types of Wire xx model 3
Cutting to length: Teflon wire,
Full stripping: PVC wire,
Half stripping: Silicone wire,
Multi-step stripping: Large gauge wire,
Center stripping /
Intermediate slitting:
Small gauge wire,
Multi-conductor cable processing:
Core processing:
Double sheath cable processing:
Flat cable processing:
Cutting pulled strands /
Precision cut:
Hot stamp marking:
Inkjet marking:
Coiling / Binding
Sequence processing
Wire feed (Roller/Belt)
Wire deposit system
Pulling / Dereeling prefeeder
Batch separation
Twisting / Tinning
Seal insertion
Split cycle for closed barrels
Double crimping
Sleeve insertion
Double sheath / Coaxial
and triaxial cables
Ferrule crimping
MIL crimping

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