KINGXOUL Machinery

KINGXOUL is China’s leading manufacturer of automatic wire stripping and crimping machine in wire processing marketplace, we provide various types of wire stripping machine and terminal crimping machine, such as wire cutting and stripping machine, cable stripping machine, automatic wire crimping machine, wire twisting tinning machine, coaxial cable stripper, thermal wire stripping machine, seal inserting, winding and marking machine, etc.

Repair Service

Minimizing unscheduled machine downtime is the most important goal for KINGXOUL’s service organization.

Contact Us

Hotline and Email Support

Our technical support specialists can often troubleshoot a service problem right over the phone or via e-mail. You can contact technical support by email or call our technical support hotline at +86 1 355 6715 892.

Send Your Machine to Us

Machines or parts can be sent to any Kingxoul certified service location. Simply fill out a request online and we will contact you with instructions on where to send your machine.

Priority Service

In urgent cases, our service engineers can move your equipment to the front of the repair queue to ensure that your machine is sent back as soon as possible. During standard or extended warranty periods this service is free of charge. After warranty has expired, priority treatment is available at a surcharge on labor rates. The premium rate also applies to on-site labor outside of business hours.

Field Service

If shipping is not an option, our professional engineers are sent to offer door-to-door maintenance service. Kingxoul field service is efficient, convenient and customer friendly.