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KINGXOUL is China’s leading manufacturer of automatic wire stripping and crimping machine in wire processing marketplace, we provide various types of wire stripping machine and terminal crimping machine, such as wire cutting and stripping machine, cable stripping machine, automatic wire crimping machine, wire twisting tinning machine, coaxial cable stripper, thermal wire stripping machine, seal inserting, winding and marking machine, etc.

Stripping and Crimping Machine Support and Training

KINGXOUL is China’s leading manufacturers of wire stripping crimping machine, how to operate these wire processing machine ? We can offer our wire processing machine ‘s Installation guide or operate training for all customers, and help you solve the problem about training your employees.

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  • I want my employees to be able to perform their work to specifications
  • I want to have my employees trained by experts
  • I want us to work more efficiently and effectively
  • I want greater security and reliability in production
  • I want to achieve maximum quality consistently

Installation and Training

Professional installation is the key to a smooth production start. All machines come with standard installation carried out by your local sales representative.

By purchasing an optional factory installation, our engineers will lead you through the main functions of the equipment, set up your machine, and train your staff on the full capabilities of the machine, all while building a rapport for ongoing support whenever you need us in the future.

Customized Training Programs

To get the most out of your KINGXOUL equipment, KINGXOUL offers training programs for operators, maintenance, and repair personnel that can be customized to meet your needs and expertise level. If you own a variety of KINGXOUL machines, this training program is extremely useful for new operators or if your staff requires a general refresher. Training may take place at your facility, at any KINGXOUL service location or live online.

We would be happy to submit a budgetary quotation or provide more information. Please e-mail your customized requirements, along with your model number(s) and serial number(s) to

Product Training Seminars

KINGXOUL offers formal technical workshops at any of our worldwide locations.

Hands-on training and classroom environment enable all aspects to be covered from programming and maintenance to theory of operation.Contact us for more information.

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